hotel marina twin towers, Dubai, UAe

  • Parameters
  • Date : 2017
  • Area : 80 000 m²
  • Status : Completed
  • Location : Dubai, UAE


Located in the Dubai’s most luxurious yacht port,Hotel Yacht Bay Dubai Marina welcomes its guests with unmatched luxury and ambience. Hotel Marina Gate emphasizes the built-up area, not the height, which contrasts with the surrounding architecture and urban silhouette. Compositely, the complex is built of 2 high towers (hotel part), located on a common three-storey ground floor. There are various public places planned on the ground floor – supermarket, SPA Center, restaurants, and by the customer’s request there is a clinic on one whole floor.

The transition between the low volume and the elongated towers has been developed as an area with public functions – a partially open terrace, featuring the Dubai-style hookah bar, a large Infinity pool, a children’s center and more. The hotel part is divided into 2 blocks, the total number of rooms is 310. The exterior and the interior are interwoven with modern architecture with Arabian motifs. With this vision, the hotel manages to fit into its modern surroundings, as well as to highlight features of the culture and traditions of society.

The exterior is filled with curtain walls, combining skilfully glass and the typical stone of the region. Emphasis is also on façade lighting – a mandatory element for building a spectacular night sky.