Residential Complex “Plovdiv City Park”


  • Date : 2018
  • Area : 55 000 m²
  • Status : Completed
  • Location : Plovdiv, Bulgaria


The residential complex is located in the city of Plovdiv, at a key location and close to main roads. The place is specifically chosen, so it can provide quick access to the Regatta Venue (the Rowing Canal), as well as to the city center with all its amenities – such as shops, trading and entertainment spaces, educational and health facilities; and at the same time ensure a peaceful, quiet and safe living in the residential complex.

Plovdiv City Park is а result of the efforts to achieve functional plans, combined with modern architecture and sustainable environment. The composition of the buildings, the rich landscaping and the first-class performance aim to create a cozy, non-stressing and quality atmosphere for the residents.

The development is a combination of terrace buildings (5 to 8 residential floors) and generous spaces between them that allow the entire composition to “breathe” and to create a comfortable environment for the dwellers. Various types of recreational spaces are set among the landscape. Excellent planning of the project on a macro level (location of the individual buildings) and at the micro level (layouts and functions) leads to a successfully mastered volume and spatial solutions.