Residential complex PIMK I, Plovdiv


  • Date : 2019
  • Area : 9500 m²
  • Status : Current work
  • Location : Plovdiv


The new residential complex will be the pearl of the crown in the neighborhood, which is becoming an increasingly preferred place to live. This is due to the wonderful location, which is close to the main roads, but also to the park “Recreation and Culture”. The building will be located on “6th September” boulevard, 100 meters from the water of the Rowing Base, near the “Landmark” hotel’s exit. There will also be an eco path leading directly to one of the favorite destinations of the Plovdiv citizens. What distinguishes the complex is that it will be on three floors with a mansard and the ground floors will have separate yard spaces. The concept of the Investor is spaciousness, greenery and tranquility.